IT Service

Has your computer been annoying you lately? Is it running slow, or worse yet, does it fail to boot-up when you hit the power button? It might be time for expert IT Services. We will fix and optimize your computer or multiple office computers, and have you back up and running in no time. Computer repair can be a scary proposition when you don’t know where to turn; ASAP PC Service in Buffalo Grove is here for you. Our team of professional IT repair folks and IT support folks are here to serve you when you need it, where you need it.

Sit back and relax with confidence knowing that our team of expert IT professionals at ASAP PC Service has your back. Whatever is most convenient for you, we can either pick up your non-working or sluggish computer, or we can come to you and perform it services on-site. You have better things to worry about than your computer, let us be your personal IT department; IT Service, IT Repair, and IT Help Desk as it is our business. We want to be your go-to-buddy for all computer issues, IT needs and concerns.

Reliable and dependable, we will take good care of your computer and make sure it is running at top performance before it is returned to you. You take care of yourself and your family, and we will take care of all of your IT Repair and IT Service needs.

Do you have a new computer that needs to be configured and set-up in your home or office network? ASAP PC Service is your personal IT help desk. We will have you up and running in no time by configuring your network (wireless or hard-wired) for best performance. We will set up your printers, scanners, and all other peripherals. Once you use us, you will never again go without a personal IT help guide again.

Is your laptop screen cracked? We are experts at replacing screens and laptop hinges that so often break at exactly the wrong moment. IT repair and IT service is our expertise. Did your computer crash just as you were getting ready for a big presentation or event? Our team will get your priceless data back for you. Same day on-site IT service is available for emergency situations.

We provide estimates for your needs in business IT service, IT repair and IT help absolutely free. We will also inform you of possible different IT solutions that may fit your budget best, as there is usually more than one way to fix your computer or your computer issue. You will know, going into the repair, what it will cost. No hidden fees. We want to be your IT experts for life; we value our customers and their time.